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Press Release

WPBT2, Miami, is our Public TV co-production partner.

Underwriting Contact:

Tel: 301-358-5262

Typical PBS Audience:


Financial Characteristics

(Sources: Sep-Oct 2002 The Media Audit Program Report, internatioinal Demographics, INc. and 1998 PBS Image Study)

Sponsor messages may:

Adventures in Sailing

Underwriting "Adventures in Sailing"

TheSailingChannel is seeking corporate underwriters for "Adventures in Sailing". In return, underwriters will receive a completely unique branding opportunity: a 15-second promotional spot at the head and tail on the only Sailing TV show on Public TV. These marketing spots will be an attached component of each show, and will be aired every time the series is presented and streamed online.


What is Underwriting

In the commercial world of television, underwriting is called advertising. In the world of Public Television, we seek underwriting funded by corporations and the business community, government agencies, associations, and foundations. In return for this support, we run a 15-second sponsor message at the start and finish of each program. This is built into the program and must be aired each time the show is broadcast.


The PBS "Halo Effect"

PBS viewers are extremely loyal to companies that sponsor Public TV programs. These companies inherit what has come to be called the "PBS Halo Effect".

Image — Polish Your Brand
Our greatest potential contribution to you and your company, is our tangible impact on your brand and image. Sponsors of Public Television benefit from the "halo effect": An impression of excellence and civic responsibility in relation to the quality programming on Pubic TV.

Greater Impact — Credible and Memorable
Sponsor messages have greater impact in the low-clutter environment found only on Public Television. Prohibition against "hard sell" spots and trustworthiness of Public Television combine to make underwriting messages extremely credible and memorable. Public TV's dignified approach to on-air support is appreciated and respected by its viewers. Our audience, and the supporters of Public Televsion, are an affluent demographic.

Greater Value — Build a Relationship
TheSailingChannel offers unique Internet marketing opportunities for underwriters including Video On Demand, Podcasting/Viral Video, Destination Viewing, and Social Media Outreach.


Guidelines for Underwriter Messages

PBS defines an "underwriter" as a third party that has voluntarily contributed cash to finance, in whole or in part, the production or acquisition of a PBS program. Unlike commercial TV where ads drive calls to action for specific products, PBS underwriting spots draw viewer attention to a company's brand using non-commercial imagry and tone. Federal law requires that those who helped pay for a broadcast, be disclosed on the air at the time of the broadcast. Four 15-second spots can be shown at the head and tail of the show. No single underwriter may receive more than one spot at the head or tail of the program.